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BONFiRE (Chapter Seven Part Beta)

“There’s a bonfire tonight though. For the sorority and residents,” she grinned, “But it's a gathering for… the worthy people.” As she walked to her car, I wondered if she realized a bonfire was not allowed during this social distancing time. I wondered what she was thinking. Getting home, I contemplated getting to my room and keeping myself there for a while till I could draw up a plan that won't make everything explode in my face but decided against the thought immediately I had it. If Diego or any of my hermanos sees it, they wouldn't keep their mouths shut. Talking about the devils, Diego and Carlos walked into my room unannounced, their face wearing their usual smirk. I heard a golf cart got stolen, Princess.” Diego stated as he walked in. “What are you doing here?” And I registered what he said, “How did you know a golf cart was stolen?

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