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IUPD Interrogation of the Sweeping Crime in 2020

Individuals: IUPD Officer Nathan Koonz, RA Ladislao Vera Junior, IUPD Officer Preston Conner Wagner.

Date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Start Time: 10:54 P.M.

End Time: 11:51 P.M.

Address: 1725 East Third Street Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Location: Forest Quadrangle

Building: Center Building Second Floor

Room: Large Conference Room C102

Officer Preston Wagner: So, okay. Do you live at 4-2-4 address? Because that's where I wanted to talk to you originally.

Ladislao Vera: Um, I live here. yeah, I sleep here every day.

Officer Preston Wagner: okay, So is that just your fraternity?

Ladislao Vera: Um, I'm not sure what address do you have?... How do

Officer Preston Wagner: it's the 4-2-4...

Ladislao Vera: How do you have that address? on file?.. If I, if my address

Officer Preston Wagner: That's what the RA told us. That's what...

Ladislao Vera: What RA?

Officer Preston Wagner: Okay. Ummm. So here is why I am here tonight, um so I went to your house tonight, that house, and I severed a search warrant on it and I got the golf cart that you stole. Okay, so what I am trying to do, is close this case out, okay, so that we can.

Ladislao Vera: I stole a golf cart?

Officer Preston Wagner: So that we can move on... so we got multiple people...

Ladislao Vera: that's cool?

Officer Wagner: putting.. so.. let me just... let me start off with, I'm just looking for a little bit of honesty, okay. at the end of the day, doesn't have to be a bigger deal than you make it.

Ladislao Vera: uh huh

Officer Wagner: okay, So umm, obviously the golf cart was reported stolen, okay. We got pictures of it in your garage, then I get a search warrant, I show up and I find it. Okay so we have the golf cart. Who took it?”

Ladislao Vera: I honestly do not know since I do not sleep there

Officer Wagner: uh huh

Ladislao Vera: ummmmm but I do know, I'm not sure where that information is, I'm not sure where it's...

Wagner: so who all lives there?

Ladislao Vera: ummm. my roommates, so there's.. techni... there's five rooms...

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera: one of them technically mine,

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera: empty but technically mine

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera: so five of us live there... there of us lives next door...

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera: and with that aspect, I do not know how a stolen golf cart, if they hot wired it or whatever, could get there,

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera: umm, but I do not think my roommates are that smart enough,

Wagner: mhm huh

Ladislao Vera:... to be honesty... but...

Wagner: so essentially what you are saying somebody else stole a golf cart...

Ladislao Vera:.. I don't care who reported it, but I think you should get the true story out that original person, because their not telling you everything, and you may...

Wagner: well you're not telling me everything.

Ladislao Vera: I'm telling you right now, and you may say you have all this documentation um but I don't see any proof of me actually physically taking a gold cart

Wagner: so here's what we're going to do...

Ladislao of the two-wheeler golf cart.

Wagner: Here's what we're going to do, so I already have probable cause linking you and the house to the golf cart, that's how I got the search warrant.

Ladislao Vera: oh okay.

Wagner: ... to go in your house and get it.

Ladislao Vera: go get it, I thought you already have it.

Wagner: No, I do already have it

Ladislao Vera: okay then...

Wagner: there's already officers there with, your golf cart, okay.

Ladislao Vera: That's not my golf cart.

Wagner: Alright, so here's the thing...

Ladislao Vera: That was never my golf cart.

Wagner: Here's the thing, I don't want to be a jerk...

Ladislao Vera: like its not a frat house, like, our houses is not frat houses, we rent them from regional court. Frat houses are here [IU campus]. So uh, I don't know what they be doing but they just be going back and forth. So I even feel like I think I got everything out, and then after that I notice how I do need to stay in the dorms more, um, so I been distancing myself away from the house to live here. However, I told you everything I know...

Wagner: alright so here's what we're going to do.

Ladislao Vera:... so far.

Wagner: so um... okay so for one, you need lower your voice with me. Cause at the end of the day, I’m not here to get fucking yelled at.

Vera and Wagner at same time: Okay.

Vera: at the end of the day, I'm not here to get accused at.

Wagner: I’m here to talk to you, so you got to make sure who you are raising your voice at.

Vera: I'm not here to get accused at. so stop accusing me of something that I didn't do... but I'm telling you...

Wagner: When did I accuse you?

Vera: You're saying that my story is not believable.

Wagner: okay, so is that accusing you of anything or is that is saying that your story isn't believable.

Vera: you're saying my story isn't believable as in accusing me that my story is fake.

Wagner: okay.

Vera: as in my story is a story,

Wagner: okay.

Vera: the story that I said isn't a story, it's a real life event...

Wagner: okay

Vera: …that actually happened

Wagner: okay

Vera: okay, but go on. what what...

Wagner: so, and my problem is what's gonna end up happening is that the whole fraternity is gonna go down and you guys are gonna get boated and have no affiliation with the university and I'm gonna have to file paperwork downtown on...on issuing warrants for people and all kind of stuff that I don't wanna do. okay, I want to close this case out. Okay, and I know you don't want to sit here and talk to me any longer than you have to. nobody wants to sit here and talk to the police. okay, but when we sit here and the longer we sit here, and you keep circling around questions...

Vera: okay look. do you want to know the true story?

Wagner: …that you may be don't know the answer may be...

Vera: Do you want to know the true story?

Wagner: Yes, I want to know the true story.

Vera: okay.

Wagner: I'm tired of sitting here, right now.

Vera: what, that was the true story, it's just a little dumb version of the true story...

Wagner: okay.

Vera: the true version, the true version...

Wagner: what's your...

Vera: if you want...

Wagner: what is your... what is your address here? your address here, your room number here...

Vera: uhhh 424 e Southern Drive

Wagner: nu, no... I know that address. your address here.

Vera: uhhhhhhhhh, 1275 e ...

Wagner: what's your room number?

Vera: ...3rd streetttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Wagner: no no, i just need like your room number man, and like what building your in, like east, west?

Vera: I know I'm 702. but I don't know what tower.

Wagner: is it the tower over there or tower over here.

Vera: that one? I think? (purposely points at east tower)

Wagner: you said 702?

vera: yeah... why?

Wagner: i'm just trying to confirm where you live dude.

vera: oh okay.

Scene Ends and fades to next.

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