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October 13th (Chapter Ten)

October 13th day, I sat across Officer Wager in Forest Large Conference Room I was in the previous days. I didn't feel great, but better than dance class and I could speak properly now, without slurring my words. You're sober now?” He asked. I was never drunk.”

“Well, the test results said otherwise.”

“They are fake.”

He didn't say anything to this but flipped the pages of the notepad he had with him.

“I need a lawyer,”

I pressed,

“I'm not answering the questions.”

“You know Vera, if I were you, I'll just do what I’m told.”

“I have a right to a lawyer.”

“This is something we could talk about here. Involve your lawyer and this matter would be taken to Court,”

I kept quiet with this, while he resumed,

“I’ll make this quick and you’ll be released soon."

“Vera Ladislao, am I correct?”

I nodded.

“Date of birth?”

“12 11 1998.”

“Citizen of Indiana?”

“Resident and citizen of Indiana.”

He nodded and wrote it on his pad,

“You live at 424 address?”

I told him yes.

“Good. I’m just going to read you your rights before I go on, do you understand?”

He read them, I told him I understood. There was not much rights for someone in police custody anyways.

“Last month Vera, a golf cart was seen in your garage,”

He smirked, I froze,

“A golf cart?”

He looked at me with a blank face, I wasn't sure he was interested but I spilled out everything, right from when Veronica asked to hang out. He sighed,

"Okay, essentially what you’re saying is somebody else stole a golf cart, which we found in your garage — “

“Veronica. Her name is Veronica, why do you keep ignoring that,”

I eyed him suspiciously,

“Veronica came to see me, threatening me to ride on the golf cart which she brought from work.”

“So a girl harassed you basically.”

I shot my eyes,

“I couldn't have done anything. She was threatening me.”

“You’re basically telling me that another RA just didn’t show up from thin air but went and stole a golf cart, brought it to your house, left it, and then nobody realized that it was a little bit suspecting?”

“I don't know how she did but Veronica stole that golf cart, not me.”

“Okay! She stole it, how’d she get it?”

“Why don't you ask her,”

I said,

“you seem to really favour her.”

He glared at me and I knew I hit a spot, the right one,

“So let me, let me give you a rundown of the story you just told me just a minute ago to see if it makes sense, okay?”

He went through what he had on paper. When he missed an information, I corrected him saying there were two girls with Veronica.

“So now, there's two girls?”

He chuckled,

“And somehow the cart magically ended up in your garage?”

“Someone else put it there Sir. Why does it sound like you're accusing me of something?”

“No one is accusing you, Vera. Maybe your story just seems kind of made up.”

With a small chuckle, he rose from his seat and said since it was a school issue, I would face the school and most likely an suspension. And I dismissed him, allowing them to walk out of Forest Center but not after I heard him get off the phone saying,

“It's done.”
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