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Updated: Sep 20, 2021


brings a stunning 3-year Conspiracies attacks, OWIs, the latest slip-ups, and an even more portable look to the world’s most loved Kelley School of Business. Lalo Vera announced that IUB, the 8th best business school built entirely around the United States, will introduce organized Crimes, a simple way to practice neglect anywhere, anytime, and Suicides, a major high-impact university college-student attempt type, on November 19, 2020. Lalo Vera is also introducing a new investigation—being done by the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights—featuring and designed with two-time bases of discriminations and five-time world basis of disabilities, along with the multiple complaints on Latinx student Ladislao Vera. Inspired by mental illnesses, this investigation will help build strength, balance, and endurance so students can have more safety on nations’ campuses—all the way to the last run.

IUB was negligent in many respects.

It was foreseeable that Ladislao Vera would commit suicide due to the deception activities. Ladislao Vera advised IUB and its agents that the misuse activities triggered his severe anxiety and depression. He was mentally unstable. He explicitly expressed that he was suicidal and had a plan to commit suicide. Proximate results of negligent acts that IUB subjected Vera to assault, aggravated mental harm, and caused Vera to suffer severe anxiety and depression in an attempted suicide. Ladislao Vera suffered substantial financial damages, including losing his society and support, grief, and lost wages and salary. During the Fall 2020 semester, IUB subjected Vera to various forms of cruelty that caused him to develop anxiety and depression. As a result of the severe anxiety and depression from ill-treatment, Vera committed an unfortunate suicidal attempt in a motor vehicle accident on November 19, 2020.

“So here’s why I’m here tonight okay, um so, I went to your house tonight—that house—and I served a search warrant on it and I got the golf cart that you stole. Okay, so what I’m trying to do is close this case out. Okay, so that we can… so that we can move on, so we got multiple people…putting…so, let me just… let me start off with, I am looking for a little bit of honesty. Okay, at the end of the day, it does not have to be a bigger deal than you make it, okay. So umm, obviously the golf cart was reported stolen, okay. We got pictures of it in your garage, then I get a search warrant, I show up and I find it. Okay so we have the golf cart. Who took it?”

~ IUPD Officer Preston C. Wagner.

Fifty-three college residents on the Latinx Floor at IUB are experiencing a dramatic tragedy of the two co-Resident Assistants’ termination.

One victim almost lost his life from IU’s harassments aimed at the victim’s appearance and behaviors of being different. At the time, there are no witness or lead reported IUPD Officer Wagner. Ladislao Vera Junior communicated to IUB including individually named agents, that the conspiracy was triggering misery. Community members reported Harassment and threat concerns to IUB regarding the victims’ (Vera’s) safety. IUB owed a duty to use ordinary care to supervise the transgression of IU to reduce the risk of physical and mental injury that would lead to suicide with transgression. IUB, by and through its agents, employees, and proxies, was negligent in allowing Ladislao Vera to be assaulted.

Ladislao Vera Junior studied Acting and Dance,

holding 159 college credits. With only two required classes left to get a Bachelor of Arts in arts and sciences at Indiana University Bloomington. The fall 2020 Semester did not come out to be an academic learning experience where Vera continuously fought for his rights at IUB to get his degree. Violence actions, after another tragic incident, after other intense attacks, all led up to Vera moving back in with his parents on November 21st, 2020. At that point, Vera knew he was not going to finish his education at Bloomington. That was also when Vera stopped doing his passion: acting and dancing. Vera shares,

“I never realized I would have to stop doing classwork for a grade to beg a university [IUB] to believe in my life involvement.”

Many colleges reinforce diversity among our communities,

while IUB struggles with discrimination from predominantly white institutions factors. New social movements are a theory. A theory in which social movements can face challenges to explain the excessive amount of new problems. Most of these movements came up in various western societies roughly since the mid-1960s. They were bringing people together to address problems, whether they were big or small important or not. Vera believes this is the best way for people to be heard. Especially those of minorities and people treated with inequality.

“Okay so for one, you need lower your voice with me. Cause at the end of the day, I’m not here to get fucking yelled at. Okay, I’m here to talk to you, so you got to make sure who you are raising your voice at”

~ IUPD Officer Wagner.

The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR),

evaluated Ladislao Vera claims that Vera filed with OCR. On July 8, 2021, OCR received against Indiana University (IU), stating discrimination based on race, sex, and disability. OCR has determined that the U.S. has the authority to investigate Vera’s cases. Specifically, the claims state the following— (1) Indiana University discriminated against Vera based on disability (multiple disabilities) when in January 2021 it denied Vera’s appeal of a suspension from the University; and (2) The University discriminated against Vera on the bases of race (Hispanic) and sex (male) when in March 2021 Vera was expelled from the University. OCR enforces Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, and national origin by recipients of Federal financial assistance (FFA) from the U.S. Department of Education. OCR enforces Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 (Title IX), which prohibits discrimination based on sex in any education program or activity operated by recipients of FFA. OCR is further responsible for enforcing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Title II), prohibiting discrimination based on disability by recipients of FFA and public entities, respectively. As a recipient of FFA from the Department of Education and a public entity, Indiana University is subject to these laws.

OCR has determined that it will investigate the claims.

Please understand that opening an investigation does not mean that OCR has decided about the claims. During the investigation, OCR is neutral; OCR will collect and analyze its needs to decide the claims. OCR offers, when appropriate, a Facilitated Resolution Between the Parties (FRBP) process to facilitate the voluntary resolution of claims by providing an opportunity for the parties involved to resolve the claims quickly. Some information about the FRBP process is in the enclosure to this immediate release. When appropriate, the claims may be resolved before the conclusion of the investigation after Vera expresses an interest in resolving the claims. If such a case, Vera's resolution agreement and submitted to OCR must address, all of the claims that OCR determines are appropriate to resolve before the conclusion of the investigation. Information about this kind of resolution is in the enclosure of this letter. OCR makes aware that Vera may have the right to file a private suit in federal court whether or not OCR finds a violation.

OCR will communicate with Vera periodically regarding the status of Vera’s claims.

If you are interested in resolving Vera’s complaint through OCR’s FRBP process or have any questions, please contact Ms. Sherry Rosenblum. Equal Opportunity Specialist, at 312-730-1601 or by email at

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