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Vera is Not Responsible for IU's Violations

Bob: On Campus, by a vote of three to zero we found you not responsible and looking at each of these specifically statements of the charges. General discussion, we've concluded that there was not a preponderance of evidence. We just couldn't determined that with preponderance of evidence that that's what was correct. We don't know when, we know you bumped elbows, but we don't know through a preponderance of evidence that this behavior was efficiently to put people at risk. Kind of decisions that you need to make in the future related to that specific situation. There was no preponderance of evidence that you were intoxicated. There was no preponderance of the evidence that uh marijuana was presences, present, or that you knew about it, even though everybody seems to... not everybody, several witnesses have said that they think they smelled it outside or something like that. So just in essences I want to make sure I went through all these uh specifically statements...uh masks...uh I think that covers all theses specifically statements, so combined decision is three to zero that you are not responsible, for these violations. Now having said that, there are multiple educational points that the committee wishes to present to you for future issues and for future considerations. So we'll start with Brennan cuz he has some brilliant ones I think.

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