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William Lowe Bryan House (Chapter Eight)

The realization screamed in my head and I felt lost. I had no idea what I was doing but I had to make sure my residents are safe. So I drove, my pulse quickening, ears ringing, I didn't understand anything but I needed to get to the dorms as fast and quick as possible. If I could save all my residents, just this one time. Romeo's face flashed in my head, the image of him dangling above his chair, that only made me drive faster. When my chest seemed to get tighter and my head swam with more images, more voices, more thought, I tried to count to ten, it was the least I could do since my pills weren't available. I counted. 1….2….3….4 but I forgot what number came after four and my chest was tight again, everything swam in my head at once. I started to count again, but I never got to three. The last thing I saw was a pole and the hood of my car approaching it at a fast speed and everything was finally quiet. I remembered waking up to the sound of shattering glass from my flipped car upside-down on its roof. It went on for some time but I wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't feel anything, I felt so light, yet I could sense that there was a pain there, somewhere. I stayed quietly in the car, tried to start it but it wouldn't comply so I laid my head on the headrest of my seat and closed my eyes, trying to understand what or if I was feeling anything. The smoke against my window resumed, I looked out to it and there was a man standing there with a uniform and a torch, pointing it directly to my face.

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