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You Have Been Served (Chapter Eleven)

Officer Wagner was right. I got the letter of my expulsion for drunk driving and theft a day later, when I was in my room in the frat house. Because I had a little hope in me that everything would be fine and I will resume my normal school activities soon, I stayed in the frat house and locked myself in my room, entertaining only a resident as a visitor. The morning I got released from the station, I knew I wasn't totally fine, that prompted me to make my way to the university’s clinic where I ran a test and found out I suffered a concussion. The news got to my mom even when I tried to hide everything from her, to avoid her worrying. I stayed in the hospital a few more days receiving treatment, that's when I got my suspension letter, a little more longer my expulsion letter followed. It was a little something to sweep out the scandal I got in. When I read the letter, one thought came to me. I tried so hard for things not to blow up on my face but it did, in the worst way possible. But I told myself one thing, I would not cry. Not for this, not for them. I saw this as an opening, things were bad for me and staying there would continue to be hell for me. And I might be expelled, but at least, I did not end up like Romeo. I did not let them take me down that road. I left school the moment I was expelled. I did not know how people felt, because I did not stay to know. But now, I sat with my mother beside me in the truck, a file in my hands and I knew I could have sent this through, I just wanted to see the look on their faces when I dropped this on them. My mom asked,

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